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Get To Know Revival’s Resident DJs, My Cousin Vinny and Mike Diamond

(Left: My Cousin Vinny, Right: Mike Diamond)


Mike Diamond and My Cousin Vinny are resident mood-setters at Sacramento’s newest rooftop lounge, Revival at The Sawyer. The DJ duo talked to DOCO about their musical style, and what it’s like to be a part of the changing atmosphere of Downtown Sacramento.

(Check out upcoming events at Revival here!)


DOCO: Tell us about your previous experience as a DJ and how it led you to Revival.


My Cousin Vinny: I started DJ-ing when I was 13 and have always been really into music. I’ve been playing around town for the last 9-10 years or so.

I was discovered via social media by the people at Revival. Me and Mike have a great connection and partnership and I am grateful I get to do something I enjoy with my friend.

Mike Diamond: Since I was young I have had an electronic music influence from my mom and aunt. I started DJ-ing in high school and I’ve been DJ-ing for about 10 years all over midtown and downtown. The position at Revival really just fell into place; they reached out to us and wanted to hear us play at our other residency. They came out and really liked us.

DOCO: How do you go about setting the tone throughout the evening while DJ-ing?


My Cousin Vinny: There are a lot of factors. I think a part of it is understanding and knowing Revival’s vision at that spot, then complementing what is already going on. It’s all part of an experience.

Mike Diamond: Trying to play music that is appealing to people, but also with the vibe of the atmosphere at Revival.

DOCO: What is your favorite part about working at Revival?


My Cousin Vinny: I think being a part of something new from the get-go is the most exciting part about Revival. I like how everything is put together – the music, the view, and the vibe. Another thing I really like is the demographics; there are very diverse groups of people that all equal Sacramento vibing to music, which reaffirms why I love what I do.

Mike Diamond: The people. The music will always be there but Revival is bringing out the people that might not necessarily all be together in one place. I really like the crowd and the diversity. It takes a new venue to do that in Sacramento.

DOCO: Can you tell us about any fun events coming up you’ll be DJ-ing at?


My Cousin Vinny: We play here every Friday except the first Friday of the month, and then every Saturday Mike and I play at Golden Bear which is really fun and a different vibe.

Mike Diamond: New Years Eve – I’m sure we will be doing something fun!

DOCO: How does it feel being a part of Sacramento’s first rooftop bar?


My Cousin Vinny: It feels really exciting! I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity and the fact that they reached out to me is very humbling. The fact that I was brought on board for what I do is very important, Revival understands creative vision which makes it a great relationship.

Mike Diamond: It feels great; we are really excited to be a part of it.

DOCO: What makes you excited about the expansion of DOCO and the downtown Sacramento area?


My Cousin Vinny: It is really cool to see all the new faces, people, life in the downtown area. The DOCO area is creating a new vibe and life in the middle of downtown.

Mike Diamond: It is needed. It is new, vibrant, and fresh – a good change for Sacramento.

DOCO: Describe your musical style in three words.


My Cousin Vinny: Smooth, Energetic and Melodic.

Mike Diamond: Fun, Sexy, and New.

DOCO: Who are your favorite artists of all time?


My Cousin Vinny: Michael Jackson, Prince and Daft Punk.

Mike Diamond: Felix the House Cat.



Mike Diamond

Instagram: @mikediamond

Twitter: @mikedmnd

SoundCloud: mikediamond


My Cousin Vinny

Instagram: @my_cousin_vinny

Twitter: @my_cousin_vinny

SoundCloud: MyCousinVinny